An Engaged Student is a Successful Student


Tales Told is Lee and Jody Rose. We are performer/educators who develop educational experiences for high school and college students by using the rich history and culture of rural Downeast Maine as our learning lab.

Lee is also the Director of the Theater Program at Harpswell Coastal Academy in Brunwick, ME. Recently, he taught Adult Education and led professional development classes in Machias, Maine and directed a production of David Auburn’s Proof at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics. Jody continues her work curating a private art collection in Addison, Maine, as she develops instructional media for groups across the country. A representative sample of our work would include, with the backing of a Maine Arts Commission SMART Grant and the support of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, designing and delivering a class for the alternative high school at the Cobscook Community Learning Center in Trescott, Maine. Students collected oral history, conducted primary research in archives and attics, and used field work to supplement their use of more standard research tools to create an original documentary film.

We can lead an experience for you, as we did with the CCLC, or we can provide a template and resources for you to set up your own course of study.

Jody and Lee have each taught at the college level and Lee is a certified high school and adult education teacher so our methodology is repeatable, cost-effective and satisfies Common Core and Maine Learning Result standards.


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