The Taming of the Shrew Biondello Theater 890 (directed by Julie Taymor)
The Comedy Corps Improvisation Group Manhattan Punch Line
The Glass Menagerie Tom The New Theater
Primal Time Donald Theater Guinevere
Princess Turandot Truffaldino Moscow Directors’ Theater of New York
As You Like It Touchstone New York Theater Ensemble
Obedient Son Larry Kaffeteria Theater
Anne of Green Gables Teacher, Preacher, President Downriver Theater Company
King Lear Oswald UMM Theater (starring James Gammon)
Peter Pan Hook* UMM Theater (Faculty-Guest Artist)
The Water Engine Charles Lang Theater Voices (directed by Mark Dalton)
A Christmas Carol Goodbody, Headmaster, Henry National Tour (starring John Astin)
Oedipus Rex Teiresias Union College (Faculty-Guest Artist)
Working Father/Farm Worker* Fairleigh Dickinson (Faculty-Guest Artist)
The Alchemist Ananais Bath, England (directed by Ian Burton)
Much Ado About Nothing Friar Francis Island Shakespeare Co., L.I., NY
Two Gentlemen of Verona Actor/ASM* Island Shakespeare Co., L.I., NY
La Ronde The Husband Odyssey Theater, Los Angeles, CA
You’re a Good Man C. B. Schroeder* Priscilla Beach Theater, Cape Cod, MA
Company David* PBT (with Peter Gallagher)
A Funny Thing Happened… Erronius* PBT (directed by Mitchell Maxwell)
The Lesson The Professor Tulane University (Faculty-Guest Artist)
Texas Trilogy Skip Hampton Tulane University (Faculty-Guest Artist)
The Collection Bill Lloyd Tulane University (Faculty-Guest Artist)
The Trial Block Cal-Arts (directed by Robert Benedetti)
The Summer of the  17th Doll Barney Cal-Arts (directed by Lewis Palter)
*musical roles
Slavery in the Making of America WNET/Thirteen
Torch Song Trilogy Torch Song Productions, (directed by Paul Bogart)
Fly on the Wall Atlantic Records, AC/DC Film, (directed by Brian Ward)
9 1/2 Weeks Metro Goldwyn Mayer,  (directed by Adrian Lyne)
Key Exchange 20th Century Fox, (directed by Barnet Kellman)
The Good Life Changing Horses Productions, Los Angeles, CA, Ind. Film
A Day in the Life Cal-Arts School of Film/Video, Independent Film
COMMERCIAL Available on request
Stage Combat Sound Design Expert Skier
Dialects Sound Operation Softball
Juggling Video Production Swimming
Gymnastics Set Design Scuba Diving
Baritone/Tenor Technical Direction Snorkeling
Guitar Carpentry Certified CPR & First Aid